Your journey starts here.

Lyf is a new social media app where users share
aspects of themselves previously considered
too personal for social media. 

We have cultivated a community of thousands of non-judgemental
people who have no pre-conceptions about their fellow lyfers.

In lyf we don't follow profiles.
Instead, we follow journeys.

Journeys provide an opportunity for us to focus on one aspect of ourselves at a time.
They can be about anything we are thinking, doing, experiencing or struggling with in life.

Within moments of creating a journey
you will be surprised by the initial
support you receive.

Fighting depression, questioning a relationship, dealing with loss, coping with illness, struggling
with addiction, searching for a partner ... you no longer have to cope with life's most gruelling,
challenging or even inspiring moments alone.  

Each lyf journey has its own separate timeline with its own separate audience. 

And you can have as many as you like at any given time. 

We've set it up so you can be
discovered immediately ...

Your homepage is a constantly evolving display of "All Journeys". The moment you create a new
journey or make a post, that journey gets bumped to the top for all to see. The more you post the
more visibility you will get and the more followers you will attract.

... as well as find others
you can relate to.

Scroll down the display and you will find an endless supply of journeys. Follow the ones you find
interesting or relate to. Once following you will be able to comment and provide meaningful
support for other lyfers who may be on similar life paths as your own. 

Lyf is built with privacy in mind.

Private journeys can be shared with select people only. No one, including us at lyf,
will ever be able to see them. Public journeys are open for all to see and shared with the entire
lyf community. Anonymous journeys are for ultra personal journeys to be shared
publicly without disclosing your identity.


So, let's get it started!

Start your journeys, follow others and bring substance from your
real life to your social media lyf today.